A Live, Work, Play, Learn
and Worship Community

Dedicated to Restoring the Family Ecosystem


At Hope Center West, the “Live” component offers diverse residential options tailored to every stage of life.


The “Work” component of Hope Center West is dedicated to fostering a vibrant economic environment within our community.


The “Play” component of Hope Center West encourages a balanced lifestyle by offering a variety of recreational facilities, green spaces, and cultural and artistic entertainment.


The “Learn” component of Hope Center West is built on the pillars of education and continuous learning, offering a wide range of educational facilities and lifelong learning activities.


The “Worship” component of Hope Center West recognizes the diversity of its community by providing spaces that cater to various faiths and spiritual practices.

about us


Hope Center West (HCW) evolved out of the need to address the many challenges that faced a declining community.  Under the visionary leadership of Bishop Allen Wiggins, what first began as a church addressing the basic needs of it’s community has now catapulted into a model for transformation called Hope Center West.  HCW coalesces related entities and endeavors in a concentrated identified footprint and unites them via one succinct vision which is comprehensive in its approach.  Resting on five impactful pillars of change, HCW is a live, work, play, learn and worship community. HCW is leaving its fingerprint on Orlando’s Greater Washington Shores Community and modeling the creation of healthy, stable and prospering community.

“True impact begins with strong partnerships…”

The work of transforming lives and communities is not for the faint of heart.  It requires a comprehensive “full-court press” to ignite turn arounds in disenfranchised neighborhoods including social investments, guidance, partnerships,, and much prayer.  Although challenging, I thoroughly enjoy the work and consider it as a part of my ministry calling and focus.  After all, creating places and positive memorable experiences is what having a quality life is all about. -Archbishop Allen Wiggins

HCW Vision Framework


Together, the Live, Work, Learn, Play, and Worship community has effectively addressed issues such as homelessness, poverty, and the elimination of “food and fuel deserts,” thereby uplifting the greater community. These efforts collectively advance our charitable and economic development vision of “Transforming the community by meeting the needs of the total man.” Over the past decades, this vision has been guided by the Transformation Framework, a comprehensive approach to community redevelopment that encompasses an ecosystem of spiritual, economic, educational, housing, and health and wellness elements.  These elements are integrated through vision and are implemented through programs by and technology.

These five elements—spiritual, economic, educational, housing, and health and wellness—are the pillars that together have the greatest impact on transforming the lives of children and their families within Hope Center West. Spiritual support provides moral guidance and a sense of belonging, while economic development creates jobs and fosters financial stability. Educational opportunities equip residents with the skills needed for future success, and quality housing ensures a safe and stable living environment. Health and wellness initiatives promote physical and mental well-being, essential for overall quality of life.

By integrating these components through a common vision and implementing them with innovative programs and technology, we create a supportive and interconnected environment. This holistic approach not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term growth and prosperity, ensuring that every resident has the opportunity to thrive.

Join Us As We Build The Community From The Inside Out

Our Service Providers

the collection of support

Village Square mall, creating a safe place for local community-based businesses to serve residents and  for startup entrepreneurs to incubate their businesses and pursue their dreams. 15 retail and 15  community businesses provide a range of professional and personal services to the ecosystem which in turn helps them to grow and thrive.

Anchoring the “Learn” element is the afterschool programs of Frontline Outreach, which over 54 years has developed the “mind, bodies and spirits of local youth and families through leadership and academics. It has expanded its brand through the formation of Frontline Innovation Studios.  These series of studios offer exposure to emerging technologies such as virtual reality, medical simulation, digital storytelling, communications training, robotics, coding , 3d printing and artificial intelligence.

Legends Academy is a Kindergarten through 8th grade Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school focused on the development of a culturally responsive and safe learning environment and the application of educational best practices. Children are natural learners and when supplied with a rich and dynamic learning environment they become enthusiastic and self-motivated.

Hope Housing provides quality affordable and attainable housing options, economic development initiatives and various social services programs for hundreds of low to moderate income families over two decades. Hope Housing has  taken action to help prevent homelessness by maintaining affordable rents and providing  reentry housing for ex-offender women.  Hope Housing has received several certifications, designations and awards for excellence in property presentations and for exemplary renovations and excellent quality living environments.

The ”heart” of HCW, however, is “Worship”, which embraces  “Ministering to the spiritual needs of humanity” and includes several platforms: Prayer Chapel and Founders Chapel, the local Hope Church facility, an iMembership platform, and cyber-platform of online streamers, an International platform where Bishop Wiggins is the Presiding Archbishop over 50 Bishops, Pastors and Dioceses in North America, Africa and Brazil  These combined “Worship” platforms encircle thousands of congregants.


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